The Vinyl Cover Art project delves into the intersection of digital art, creative coding, and generative art. Utilizing the p5.js library, I embarked on a journey to generate a series of captivating and abstract forms. The primary objective was to create visually striking and dynamic compositions that not only served as standalone pieces but also possessed the versatility to be further manipulated through various techniques.
The foundation of this project lies in the exploration of creative coding through p5.js. By manipulating variables and algorithms, I harnessed the power of code to generate diverse and intricate abstract forms. The use of p5.js enabled me to experiment with shapes, colours, and patterns, resulting in a series of visually engaging and dynamic compositions.
The exploration didn't stop with the digital realm. To breathe life into the digital creations, I turned to screen printing—a hands-on, traditional printing technique. This phase of the project allowed me to merge my fascination with coding and digital art with the tactile and dynamic nature of screen printing.
Screen printing provided a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. The generated abstract forms were translated onto tangible surfaces, creating a tangible and tactile experience for the audience. The layers of ink and the tactile quality of the screen-printed vinyl covers added depth and texture to the original digital creations.
The Vinyl Cover Art project is a testament to the synergy between digital art, creative coding, and traditional printing techniques. By pushing the boundaries of each medium, from digital code to screen printing, I aimed to create a collection of visually captivating and versatile pieces that showcase the dynamic possibilities of merging digital and traditional artistic methods. This project exemplifies my commitment to exploring the intersection of technology and traditional craftsmanship in graphic design.
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