The Logo Design for Fino Picasso is a harmonious blend of street art and elegance. Through graffiti-inspired typography, chrome effects, and a symbolic planet, the design encapsulates the artist's creative energy and universal appeal. This project merges diverse elements into a cohesive and impactful visual identity, contributing to the brand narrative of Fino Picasso.
The logo serves as a visual storyteller, narrating the fusion of street art authenticity with a touch of sophistication. It encapsulates the artist's unique style and elevates it into a brand identity that speaks to a diverse audience.
The chrome effect introduces metallic tones, providing a contemporary and polished look. The colour palette primarily revolves around chrome's reflective properties, allowing the logo to adapt to various backgrounds and applications. The restrained use of colour adds to the logo's versatility while maintaining a sense of modern sophistication.
The graffiti-inspired font is carefully crafted to capture street art's free-flowing and expressive nature. Bold strokes and unconventional angles reflect the artist's individuality and creativity.                           
In the background, a simplistic yet impactful planet is introduced. This symbolizes expansive creativity and universal appeal. The planet shares the same chrome effect, maintaining visual coherence with the graffiti-inspired font. 
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